No Government, No Force


What is it that Americans REALLY want?  Do we want strength in our leadership or do we want pampering?  Do we see a big government as a strong government, or do we see a big government weakened by its size?  Do we want quality health care for those who can afford it or do we want lesser quality that encompasses everyone and benefits very few?  And do we really believe that all will receive equal care?  Are we ready to live with a government that holds total power over all we do?  Do we want a government that answers to us (in theory) or a government to which we answer (in reality)?  Are we doing harm to those who, because of government programs, never have to make any hard decisions about life styles or do any critical thinking.  Are we ready to accept our language being ripped assunder leaving a mere shell of meaningful words, or do we want to know that specific words mean specific things?  What do we want to classify as private and what do we want to classify as public?

Do we want to interfere in other countries or do we want that nation to solve its own problems?  Do we want other countries to come here and solved OUR problems?  Well, tit for tat.  If we don't want something done to US, we shouldn't be doing it to OTHERS because payback will eventually come back to bite us. 

On the other hand, do we want to let foreign agents attack us at will or do we want to deter them from attacking us.  So….do we let them get away with attacking us, killing us without retaliation?  Or do we retaliate immediately when attacked?  Which action would embolden the enemy and provoke yet another attack?

Would we prefer a nation that is respected or a nation that is feared or a nation that is of no consequence?  In what manner do we attain and maintain any choice we make here?  Are we exceptional, standard, or substandard – and what SHOULD we be?

Are we such a craven people that we MUST have a government that tells us each move to make, what items to purchase, what items to avoid, who we must serve, where we can visit, how much water our toilets can hold, how tall our grass must be, how much we must pay people, how much we must pay in taxes?  IF we like this type of government and agree we need it, where are the limitations of its power set?  

Some prefer we NOT have such a behemoth government which is intrusive in our lives.  Some want small, very limited government.  Those people want any social programs administered at the state and local levels – not at the DC level.  They feel they would be more customized, more fair, and more cost effective.  Those same people may feel that our military has been misused as we were originally not authorized to have a standing army.  Could that even be done today? 

There are those who would prefer we have no government, thereby taking the word "govern" out of our daily lives.  To govern, by definition is "to rule over by right of authority: to govern a nation."  This implies dominance, and I don't believe that is what free people should want.  I believe free people should strive to live in total "non-dominance".  

Are we short of laws?  Goodness, I think not.  I don't know how many laws are on the books at the federal level – can't find it anywhere on the internet, so I assume that no one knows how many laws we have.  I assume they are best measured in pounds rather than enumerated.  I would guess we have over four thousand pounds of laws at the very least.  So do we really need more?  No, we don't.  So why are we paying our Congress to work year round?  What do they do besides write laws?  If we need no more laws, why do we need Congress for much of anything any more?  I believe they could readily be paid to work the two months prior to budget time each year, and hold down a productive job the rest of the year.

A nation can be lead or managed without "government".  A nation can survive without endless political campaigns, without elections that cause millions and millions of dollars to change hands, without endless lies told voters, without endless disappointments when the elected get into office and turn into clones of those we just rejected. 

A nation can, I believe grow and thrive under freedom that is practically total freedom.  I believe the time has come in history when it is time to eliminate the word "politician" and replace it with another word altogether, one that removes the "politics" from the management of our country.  It can be done – I am sure of it.  It would mean eveyone must take stands and everyone must be prepared to stand by and accept what is decided by most.  I would retain all God-given rights.  I would maintain the "good law" we have, and would ask for review of bad law, then any recommendations would be voted on by the people.  I would eliminate all mandatory taxes, and, yes, we would have to have some taxation to maintain infrastructure and for paying salaries, etc.

 it could be made voluntary as to what one wanted to fund as opposed to a government that decides what we WILL fund under threat.

Everyone would vote, but they would have to be able to read and write in English, and they would have to understand what they are voting for.   The way we currently vote is "fair" and "democratic", and as dangerous as it gets – that's for another article. 

I believe it is also time to retire lawyers and judges.  I believe citizens make fair decisions and don't need lawyers to help hide the truth nor lawyers to declare certain items "off limits" in a trial.  I believe courts have done more to deny justice than we would have ever seen without lawyers and judges. 

I believe it is time for American citizens to begin thinking along the lines I have offered here.  All of us have seen how helpless we are when confronted by those who refuse "to play by the rules".  We see all manner of inequities that are never addressed, or when addressed, done so in an unfair way.  Is this how we want to continue living?  I call it hit or miss living. 

I do NOT like what America is becoming under this political system, and I think ALL political systems are vulnerable to what we have seen here and elsewhere over the globe.  We could preempt the change, or we could wait until it totally destroys us while we are telling ourselves it HAS to get better.  I expect it to get NO better unless it is citizens like you and like me who know and care that good changes be made.  NO, I do not want to "overthrow" our existing government; I would honestly like to see our government officials addressing problems, but they don't have the heart to do it nor the fire in their bellies to do so.

Make no mistake, the last thing I want to see is One World Government, and I believe that deliberately or unknowingly, our government is leading us in that direction.  My thinking is the exact opposite.

What I WANT to see is a world WITHOUT RULERS.

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