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Who Is this Man We Call President?

The adversity we face today is NOT like other adversities we have overcome. This adversity is one that has the potential of nastiness the likes of which no native American has experienced before. Freedoms are under dire threat with this man in office – and no one with authority seems to have a clue what to do about it. Our founders KNEW and stated that our form of government could only work as long as we elected honest people of integrity. How many of our elected officials have fit that description in the past 30 years? Precious few, if any.

America at one time WAS a strong nation but over the years has soiled itself irreparably with political correctness, sissification, open self degradation, court rulings that have no basis in the constitution, degradation of the language, degradation of morals, and the socialism that has been edging its way into our government, quietly, quietly until they felt they had sufficient numbers to do what they wanted regardless what the voting public wanted.

And suddenly out of nowhere, an empty suit with no resume, no experience, no friends except thugs and terrorists, this person, Obama, showed up as a Presidential candidate. That in itself should have alerted all Americans, but it didn’t. He was elected despite refusing to adhere to the customs all previous Presidents had done, who refuses to release any records that may support his bio. He has spent millions to keep them secret. Now, why would anyone do that? Any normal American? He says he attended Harvard – could be. I’ve seen no proof. He says he studied Constitutional law. Do we have any proof of that – and if we do, how do we explain his disdain for the Constitution? I maintain that IF he has studied it at all, his purpose was to learn how to dismantle it. And why was the MSM so supportive of his gross disdain for openness re his personal life?

Does it seem at all plausable that Obama is a usurper, placed into the Presidency – not because he is so wonderful, but because there are very powerful people who want to see the US overthrown and brought to her knees? Sound like a mystery novel? Not all mysteries are novel – some are factual. To break this once strong nation, one must;

1. Gain as much support as possible by any means you can think of

2. Rely on a populace that is uninformed, disinterested in national and world affairs, and one that relies primarily on its central government.
3. Obtain that legitimate office, and rule as you believe a President would appear to rule, while in secret you are planning your next move to debilitate the nation

4. To overthrow a country is easier if the economy is in the tank, and one must slowly, slowly start taking over private enterprise, making it now centralized enterprise. It is much easier if you have a propaganda machine. Barry had the MSM to help him gain power.
5. I’d hazard a guess that people wanting to overthrow a nation are by definition sociopaths, if not phychopths. Have we seen any strange behavior or comments from Barry that make you wonder about his mental condition?
6. To overthrow a country one must not be firmly connected to that country else sentiment MAY be a stumbling block. Remember Barry won’t salute the flag, doesn’t know how many states are in the union, doesn’t know how to pronounce corps, as in Marine Corps. I don’t believe he has any interest in this country except what he can get for himself. I’ve seen no proof he is an American.
7. Eventually a usurper must come out of the closet. In this case, that would be before an upcoming Presidential election. Obama has been thumbing his nose at his family, his minister, the MSM who were largely responsible for putting him into office, private enterprise, the American people,and even the people whose votes he needs……..of course, maybe he knows something we don’t know. Could be he KNOWS he doesn’t need those voters. Could be he will declare “No more elections”. Who or what agency would stop him from suddenly becoming king? Please name one. Has anyone seen an excess of valor in the Congress or the Supreme Court? And why don’t we have people in DC who know how to get at the meat of this mytery. Oh, we do, but they must be on the side of the usurper.

8. It seems logical that any person who overthrows a nation would eliminate the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Some people say Obama should be impeached. I disagree. The Senate would NOT convict – and if it did, I have a strong suspicion Obama would tell them to cram it and continue right along doing as he pleases.
Some have said we can take back the Congress. If the above happens, there will be no Congress.
Some have said how we must pay off the debts, raise taxes, lower taxes, etc. If by any chance the above scenario turns out to be the case, what we think or want will be totally irrelevant. We’ve been living in a democratic republic (mre or less) under ELECTED officials – one cannot expect better with a dictator in the capital. We have become fat and lazy and reliant on government, and this may very well be the time we pay the piper.

I hope our nation can be saved, even if it is hopelessly divided.

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Updated: 08 Nov 2015 — 15:54:01

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  1. I cannot ever call this Obama fella anything but pseudo-prez, and never will unless he actually proves his citizenship.

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