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Shockwaves of the Dollar Collapse

The Five Financial Shockwaves to Expect When China’s Yuan Swaps Places with the U.S. Dollar | Overseas Stock Markets. | Overseas Stock Markets.

This article is from Australia, for goodness sake!  It’s written more for the viewpoint of investors, but will apply to everyone.  Obviously Australians can see past the brainwashing better than we Americans!

Due to the continuing increases in the debt, now beyond any ability of America to pay, our vaunted dollar will most surely collapse.  This article says it will be replaced by the yuan of China; well maybe, maybe something else, but which doesn’t really matter.

The USA Fed and Treasury will be unable to maintain the charade forever.  Adding to the debt will absolutely result in severe inflation or hyperinflation of our dollar, and America will be forced to admit bankruptcy.  That will mean that all the funding for defense, collectivist shams, … everything, will cease.

The government and it’s welfare system will be unable to pay itself to send you more checks, because it is out of “real” money.  This will be the economic collapse, far worse than the Great Depression.

It will be plain hell falling into that abyss.  The many who have never learned to be self-sustaining. who have survived only via the welfare system, will have no means of buying food or services, no reserves, and will resort to being the thieving criminals they have always been.  There will be severe shortages of everything as producers fail and their goods and services disappear.

The bright light at the end of that tunnel can be the opportunity for, either Anarchy (NO RULER) or a new constitution, which severely and absolutely limits the powers of government and it’s force upon the people.

We must return to Reason and assert our true Right to Life.  Either we get it together at that time, or humanity, if it survives at all, will return to the Stone Age.  All the alternative scenarios are too horrible to even think about.

This article, while oriented to investors, holds much which must be grasped by we everyday folk.  Understanding it will not be enough, for each of us must act to prepare for the events ahead.

Failure to use your mind and your Reason may well mean that you cannot survive.

ONLY LIBERTY IS MORAL.  Force and Sacrifice of collectivism is the immoral cause of this collapse, and if one fails to choose liberty, humanity can well disappear.  The leftist brain-dead altruists are not your friends, they are your mortal enemy.

See it now, or you’ll see it later the hard way. Ditch them!

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