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Ocommie, Show us the real BC or Resign

Let me begin by saying that Barack Hussein Obama is the most horrible “president” America has ever elected.  Obama is a collectivist / communist, and is using the force of government to pass laws which eliminate major choices which properly belong to free men as their birthright, forcing them to accept “cap and trade”, ObamaCare, the seizure of major corporations — banks, insurance companies, mortgage companies, automobile manufacturers — the list is growing to almost endless.  Obama is an economic idiot, and so passes huge stimulus bills, tax rebates.

We have a Constitution which requires that a president be a natural-born citizen.  We have the Judges and the entire Congress which have “sworn” to uphold it.  Suits by citizens have been thrown out for “lack of standing” – why would not ANY citizen have “standing”?

For months now so many of us have found the evidence of Obama’s citizenship to be too skimpy to prove anything.  The Obamanites have presented a non-vault BC which holds no verifiable or verified information of birth, such as doctor, hospital, footprint, etc.  It was apparently filed by an (unnamed) relative who must have left some sort of affidavit, but we don’t get to see that, either.

Meanwhile the “birther” movement has grown and grown to a point where barely half in a recent poll believe that Obama is a natural-born-citizen. Yet only Obama knows the truth, and he’s not talking.

As this issue stands to this day, Obama’s natural-born-citizenship can’t be proven one way or the other.  The country is in an uproar over this issue; articles appear constantly claiming pro or con, and it’s getting downright hostile out there.  It’s also getting hugely tiring, right?  But until this is laid to rest, the hostilities will continue to increase.

Either Obama shows his real BC or a court finally orders that he present it.  This has been going on since before Election2008, with Obama doing legal pettifogging every step of the way, rather than simply putting a full BC on the table and letting America see the truth.  His delays do nothing but reinforce the public view that he doesn’t show us because he is NOT a citizen.  The real BC would state his real birthplace, which was probably in Kenya, not in Hawaii.   Of course he will conceal the facts for as long as he is allowed to get away with that.  If he should disclose the real thing, he would be out of office immediately, probably with a whole list of criminal charges against him.

It makes us all really skeptical that he and his cronies might manage to create some document and bury it in a vault somewhere for the day with the lights are turned on at last.

Obama, just show us the damn BC so we can move knowing that you are in, or you’re out!

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