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Freedom is ‘Diatribe’, censorship at Digg

Below is copy/paste email correspondence with Digg regarding my recent banning:

Hi from

We have unbanned your account. Please note, however, that your account will remain under review, and any violation of Digg’s Terms of Use may result in a permanent ban of your account.

For more information, please see Digg’s FAQ section ( and the Community Guidelines .

Thank you,

Digg Support

Dean Striker wrote:

I disagree that my actions were spam.  I was referring to my own website, to specific articles I had written which were most relevant to the numerous flood of healthcare “diatribe” spamming Digg these days.  As to “spam”, my website does not even carry advertising as Digg does, which is truly spam, although I certainly understand the financial needs to do so.
I know Digg is liberal/collectivist, and I am hardly alone in seeing and reporting how is destroying our country with both force and bankruptcy, and while you may opine my writings as diabribe, they are most certainly not that.  There was no call for you do to resort to such low-life terminology.

In well over a year, I never personally abuse anyone, nor swear, and I normally will not become involved in the many long personal truly diatribal and useless flaming comments which run way off subject.
The person who “reported” me posted that he/she would do so, and it was that digger who was irrelevant and in no way responding to what I had written.

That said, I did re-read your community guidelines and will try to be somewhat more restrained in my activities.  I hope you will restore my good standing, but it’s your show.

Dean Striker

Digg Support wrote:

Thanks for getting in touch with us at regarding your account.

Your account was reported to us for abusive activity in comments. Specifically, for spamming the same diatribe nearly a dozen times. [emphasis is mine]

We are willing to unban your account if you agree to comment responsibly. Additionally, please peruse the Community Guidelines , which we encourage users to follow in order to create a positive, friendly and respectful online community.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any further questions.


– Digg Support Team

Striker wrote:

Login: Striker101
Name: Dean Striker
Your account is invalid If you have any questions, please contact for Striker101

This was triggered by comment by

Exact same post, including poster’s website, on another article. Buried and reported as spam.


Now here is my post(s) which yes I posted to several articles about “healthcare”, to several articles as they appeared in “Upcoming”.  Most had slight differences.
People, battling with the trivial details will result only in modified Force.

Fact:  ANY forced scheme serves only to diminish and destroy Liberty.
Fact:  Every regulation, every tax is theft by Force denying your Mind and your Right to Life.

If you grasp the moral foundation of Liberty it is clear and simple.  Many seem to prefer spending the rest of life arguing on Digg and anywhere else — that is an excercise in futility!

We have reached the crossroad of constitutional crisis — there is no turning back.  It is time to identify our friends of Liberty and our foes of Force.

READ my — plus read header pages /Force/ and /Sacrifice/.  If that makes clear sense to you, for gosh sake register, comment, post and take action!

Then come back here on Digg — American Citizens only — comment and vote simply…  ‘Liberty’ or ‘Force’.  Digg up or digg  down, who cares?  No comment, no count


And for the many who won’t bother, here is an exceprt from my Morality webpage, which is the essence of my moral foundation:
  • Your life belongs only to YOU, which means… it does NOT belong to anyone else.
  • Who has the right to your life? Only YOU!
  • Who has the right to control or manipulate your Life? Only YOU!
  • Who determines the level of quality of your Life? Only YOU!
  • Who then is Responsible for your Life?  Hmmm, would that be YOU?
  • Further, you are also responsible for the family which you have chosen, but no others.
  • And in return your family is equally responsible for you.You may Choose to assume responsibility for others whom you value, but…
  • The extent and longevity of responsibility for those others is strictly your Personal Choice.

Nuff said!

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  1. I don’t understand why Striker was banned. So he posted the same thing several times. I’ve seen that a lot on Digg. Nothing in his comments is abusive, nasty, bigoted, angry, profane, or derogatory.

    It seems he wanted to get his message out. Could that possibly be the problem? Could be some people don’t like his message, hmmm?

    Striker’s comments, compared with some from the other side, are gentle and loving, sweetness and light. I personally have been called some filthy names on Digg by people on the other side, people who lean toward socialism. Only after months of that did I ever report anyone. Striker didn’t do any of those things. Why banned? I’d really like to know, and I doubt it was for ‘spamming’.

    Digg can ban anyone it chooses to, but it would be wise to take care not to ban only the intelligent diggers and then be left with only liberal swill. © 2017 Sharing and Reposting are welcome; we expect due credit to Author and Frontier Theme