No Government, No Force

Collectivist Care, What ‘They’ Choose, You Lose.

Where is Liberty?

Given that every instance of collectivism…

Requires the Force of Government to initiate, regulate and administer; and

Eliiminates all rights of all individuals to determine and act in whatever they perceive as being in their individual best interest, and steals from the citizens whatever monies government, not the individual, deems necessary and appropriate, and

Eliminates the natural benefits of competition and choices always best provided by a truly free market, and

Sacrifices and removes all individual alternatives and incentives toward maximizing one’s life, then

Insist on an answer to this one Question:

How does this enhance or preserve our natural rights to
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?

The above was my reply to a TownHall post in Digg this morning, listing 10 questions to ask those who are pushing for, in this instance, Obamacare.  The questions were great, designed to show any collectivist all the fallacies in this ruse but, as usual, missed the main point.

I have become simply exhausted and exasperated with every debate over so-called health-care or any other collectivist program deteriorating into a debate over

  • whether it’s fascism or socialism or communism or….,  and
  • The pro’s and con’s of each and every item in a 14-pound 1,500-page new proposal which is intended to distract everyone from the real truth, which is that…
  • every word within such “debate” is naught but a different approach to enacting still another, still more, intrusion upon our liberty.
  • This is exactly the same distraction as the “numbers game” of yore, which was ‘don’t address the issue, instead, declare that a challenged number renders the entire point void.

For many moons now, I have been writing about Morality, and more lately expanding to discussion of the Force and Sacrifice, as these are the basis of all governments, which have nothing to “give” except that which they steal from their citizens.  This morality is not about some high-faluting worship of some lord or allah.  It is simply our natural rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

This is clear and concise in our Declaration of Independence, yet so dispised and distorted and shredded within our Constitution.  Over these 230 years, the collectivist / communist set have diligently set out to subvert these basic principles into a pity-pity society in which moral free market capitalism is said to be the villan, and that individual heights are to be subordinated to some nebulous “greater good”, productivity and self-reliance are less important than sloth, and the supreme “moral” value is to sacrifice one’s own life to anyone from anywhere merely because they hold out their hands and say “oh, pity me”.

According to the collectivists, each man, having his own mind and the unique human characteristic of being able to THINK, is now somehow to be denied that treasured characteristic and his mind deferred to any unknown other, who cannot prove and is not required to prove any superiority of Mind over You, the individual.

The brainless immoral collectivist “ethic” has now gained the foothold sought for at least the last century, and has set America on it’s long winding path to economic and moral devastation.  America is leading the path to worldwide self-destruction, to such extent that we must question now whether humanity can survive.

You wonder why life has become poorer and holds little but nonsense and drudgery?  You wonder why “Atlas Shrugged”?  Well, at least we’ve got you wondering — the rest us up to You!

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