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Obama’s Real B.C. To Remain Secret?

This began with my writing this comment at Digg about Obama’s refusal to disclose his real birth certificate:

The original article posted here on Digg was poorly written, obviously Lily Gordon didn’t grasp the basis for Major Cook’s stance. Therefore the Digg blindfolders went wild and the thread quickly deteriorated into a plethora of racist and homosexual denigration which had nothing to do with Obama’s continuing evasion.

Nothing changed; America still hasn’t seen a real B.C. The courts sidestep the issue time after time on the basis that nobody has “standing”, etc, etc, ………… leaving little but a game for the lawyers to play. The paradox is that nobody, including SCOTUS, can order Kenya to open it’s vault.

The Constitution has failed to protect America on this and on everything which has ensued. As a result, America is being overrun with unconstitutional and immoral collectivism via the “president” who isn’t. Obama and his lackeys will never cooperate by disclosing the real B.C. This is simply a crime against humanity.

Therefore, that which has been forced upon the American people can be set aside from the abyss of the progressing economic collapse which may include government collapse. With the people then finding it necessary to rethink everything, finally reinstate the morality of liberty, and restart with a clean sheet of paper, perhaps humanity can survive and be all it could be.

This does not mean I am giving up on the push for the real BC, but this mountain may be impossible to climb, and the death of America is then inevitable.

There can be only one reason that Obama & Co. has not, and will never, reveal Obama’s true and real birth certificate.  That only possible reason is that whatever and wherever it exists would serve only to prove that he is not a “natural born citizen”. To make this available to the citizens would result in Obama’s immediate removal from office, open him to charges of malfeasance and treason, and render his every action as president null and void.  This will most certainly be called a Constitutional crisis, but less harmful than what this fraudulent communist has already done toward the destruction of America.

If we “birthers” were wrong about this, it would have been easy to prove us wrong by simply laying that real piece of paper out where the citizens could see it.  All the time which has passed serves as incontrovertible fact that Obama is not a “natural born citizen”, which renders his cohorts as partners in crime.

The only way out of this dilemma might be if some court actually orders Obama to produce his true BC, which will eventually be appealed all the way to the Supreme Court, which will then finally hear this matter, but SCOTUS seems most unlikely to uphold such an order due to some reason of “standing” or else-wise.  Once again the people will realize that our Founders, who did their utmost to write a solid Constitution, left too many gaps which have come to be exploited over these 230 years of “legal” nitpicking.

Now, after these many moons of avoidance, if any such BC were to magically appear, it would be subject to great distrust, the reasonable expectation being that Obama & Co managed to bribe a and hire a very few persons to create a forged BC along with related indexes and such.  This would trigger the need for placing such BC under the microscope of scrutiny, and eventually the real truth would become the subject of infinitely more debate.  That would be a no-win never-win situation for our entire nation.

My expectation is that our divided nation will eventually find itself in revolution pitting the “Obamabots” against the “Wingers”.  Nothing will be resolved, but many gallons of blood will be a horrible exercise of futility.  History must then conclude that all of this could have been avoided by Obama simply disclosing the truth, thus Obama will be deemed responsible for such disastrous events regardless of the outcome.  Most assuredly some historians, those more interested in “Change” than in Truth, will attempt to reach other conclusions.

While I could continue this for many pages, I choose to close this here, and return with one or more articles on where we go from here.  Hopefully those will be published very soon.

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  1. Wow! What a statement! One can see the truth in it and like it or not, have reason to believe it is just as Striker has described. It had to have taken guts to write this, this which may very well become part of history. Such a travesty this administration is and becomes more so each day that passes. Thank you, Striker, for saying aloud what many, many people across this nation believes in his heart. © 2017 Sharing and Reposting are welcome; we expect due credit to Author and Frontier Theme