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Open Letter to the DNC

An Open Letter to the Democrat(ic?) National Committee

I have been around for a lot of years and I’ve heard a lot of cow pies come from the mouths of most politicians, though I give your side, the DNC, full credit for producing the record number of cow pies in the least amount of time.

I’m not here today, though to talk about cow pies much, especially since everyone I know is already familiar with that trait of yours. I’m here to talk about the sort of followers you have, your trekkies, your hangers-on, your fans, the miracle workers who keep you front and foremost for no real reason that is apparent, the people who in real life may be really decent people, but when faced with being decent or with defending one of your scams, turn into angry automatons who defend the indefensible, which is YOU.

Your Party is so screwed up that it isn’t recognizable as an American organization. I’m not pitting you against the Republicans – they’re better than you, but not by much. Almost without exception the voters have managed to put into office some of the most depraved, dishonest, greedy, lying, unpatriotic, and petty excuses called humans on the face of the earth.

But back to the DNC. I believe there is nothing crooked you would not endorse in order to get a democrat, any democrat elected. They don’t have to be smart, talented, honest, honorable, patriotic – all they have to be is DEMOCRAT and malleable enough to commit the highest crime asked of them by their Party. You have not a single person of character within the US government at this time, and haven’t had since you lost Zell Miller for whom I would vote in a heart beat. You still have the once good guy, Joe Lieberman, but you destroyed his credibility when you dumped him in with Al Gore’s run for the Presidency. Anything associated with Al Gore is damaged goods.

You also let Chris Dodd and Barney Frank get away with entirely too much before you know what hit the fan. And your Pelosi person winging her way home and back on a military huge jet every time we turn around , costing us taxpayers an awfully lot of money – I don’t know how much – I can’t even imagine how much that little terror costs us taxpayers each and every day. I will tell you that she is really, really a sorry excuse for a politician, though perhaps better than people like Leaky Leahy and the swimmer, Kennedy. And John Kerry, oh, my goodness – what a loser of a candidate – how do you find these people? And let’s not forget Jefferson of freezer fame – such a fine up-standing character. And the lovely Maxine Waters. OH, all I have to do is ask your James Carville ….he will tell me you just drag a dollar bill through a trailer park and you find all you want.

Which brings up another point. What is wrong with your mental make-up that dictates you must DESTROY your enemies rather than just defeat them? I think I know that it is because you fear if left standing, it’s possible they still may beat you whereas destroyed they haven’t a chance. That appeals to your character and your followers characters as well.

What has prompted this open letter is your refusal to remove me from your mailing list. I’ve written and requested to be removed. I’ve clicked on unsubscribe, I’ve even offered to spy on you for the Republicans as I get all your letters and plans of action, etc. Nothing seems to remove me from your mailer. In exchange for each letter, I’ll just plan to write another open letter which you will never read, but hopefully the public will.

Have a nice day,

A non-admirer from

the great state of Texas

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