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Improving and Expanding Morality101

This post is primarily meant for our Users here on morality101, and for Friends from Digg, Mixx, Twitter and RTR.  There have been some problems with WordPress, both with new version 2.8 and with add-ons which don’t work as needed.

For the past week huge hours were wasted trying to get our Users added to my Thunderbird eMail, for which an export add-on didn’t work as needed, plus Thunderbird matchup for CSV proved to be perhaps impossible.  Then I tried another addon which was supposed to send directly from within WordPress, but did not go to the selected users at all.  Some configuration problem which is beyond my knowledge of php.

What that email was to have said is that I need your comment-input for our key Morality page.  So please go read that page and help the cause, that will be greatly appreciated.

Yesterday I took a new domain called NoRuler to use the CMS application Joomla, about which I as yet know almost nothing.  Joomla is installed now and looks nice, but all the configuration is ahead.  I had mentioned several times that we were going to set out to replace with a similar “social” website where non-collectivist Members can interact and share and post and study and pontificate about the ramifications of this U.S. Government having run out of control, the resulting economic collapse and how we might bring us out of the abyss with a much more moral system where the natural rights of the individual and Personal Choice cannot be infringed upon.

“No-Ruler” is the true and pure original Greek definition of Anarchy, despite that that definition seems overwhelmed by collectivist force-followers moves to redefine anarchy as chaotic and horrible indeed.  Check several online dictionaries and you’ll see all the corruption and definitions of opinion rather than the original moral fact.  Actually No-Ruler is merely an extension of the necessity to exclude force-by-government from our lives, which rests again upon the moral principles of individual freedom…

Anyway, this is our request for Friends to jump onto the bandwagon, help in any way you can, make comments and posts, and bring in your own friends to aid the cause.

Let’s move out of this mess and regain our minds, our morals and insist upon the natural freedom into which are are born.

Thank you all so much!
Dean Striker

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  1. I love this idea! This site will offer more than twitter or others do in that one can write, at will, knowing he is writing to people of similar principles and philosophies, and I can see where some real solutions can be gleaned from the interaction. I have tried other sites, but have found myself either lost or overburdened with information, though not much in the way of possible solutions.

    We need to come up with ideas that will attract others to OUR way of thinking, i.e., smaller (or no) government and personal freedom. Those are the two things that can prevent collectivism, communism, socialism, marxism, fascism, or any other form of tyranny from eventually evolving from where we stand today.

    I see the time is NOW that something must be done. I feel the time to just talk is over. If something isn’t DONE to turn this around, we will run out of time. I am going to help Dean here! Welcome all!. © 2017 Sharing and Reposting are welcome; we expect due credit to Author and Frontier Theme