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List of Taxes and Terms

List of Taxes and Terms. This link is within a huge website, a Forbes Digital Company, very impressive indeed.

The above link appears to be a complete list of the many many different taxes people endure, usually paid without even thinking that things should be different.  Better still, each of the items in the list are linked for much more in-depth.

Now here is WHY we are including this webpage and will be writing more about the true burdens being foisted up America, sadly to it’s utter destruction.  For now, suffice it to say that the income tax alone is totally inadequate to cover all the costs, that income tax receipts dropped dramatically this year.

We can probably avoid filing and paying income taxes, but all these other taxes are attached to everything we buy in one form or another.  They are sales-type taxes, taxes on property and other assets, and/or fees for the “permission” to do virtually anything.  They call those licenses and permits, which protect nobody, but provide employment for the multitudes useless inspectors and regulators.  These things are in your pocketbook and in your face at every turn.

This is hardly a new issue, it’s as old as the dirt between your toes.  However, as our country goes thru the throes of regurgitating collectivism and regaining freedom, virtually all of these can be stricken in the process of rebuilding our country and sub-governments at all levels.  The income-tax strike is helping break this immoral system, but all the taxes on this list (and many others, I’m sure) must be dealt with.  Withdrawing our support by withdrawing the stolen dollars and property will require different tactics.  Income tax is simple, just don’t pay them.  But how do we rid ourselves of a sales tax on everything we buy?

This needs much more coverage than I have time for today, but I will be back with much more SAP!

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