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Conservatives and Liberals are Both Wrong About Rights

Where do individual rights come from? You’d think that if anyone knows the answer, it would be America’s top judges.

But you would be wrong.

On this basic question conservative and liberal judges alike are locked into a crucial error about America’s bedrock constitutional principle: individual rights.

The error consists in regarding rights as gifts from society that can be revoked at will, through the political process.

In truth, rights are not social gifts but political principles based on facts of reality. These facts don’t bend to the so-called will of society. That’s why the most fundamental question a Supreme Court justice must answer is what in fact do the individual’s rights to life, liberty, property, and happiness include? Only then can he determine if a certain law or government action is securing or violating those rights.

The corrupted definition of “Rights” is among the largest problems underlying the prevalent immoral “society” of America today.  This is a great article by Thomas A. Bowden; make sure to read it thru!  read more

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