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Uneven Playing Fields

Uneven Playing Fields

All of us hear frequently about the race relations in our country, that we are a racist country.  That is a charge that makes my blood run cold because our country is NOT racist, no matter how often the Jesse Jacksons say it is.  There may be a racist person from time to time who will create an incident, but that is not indicative of an indictment of a nation.

It goes without saying that it is a tragedy that there was a time in our country, as in most of the world, that some people owned slaves.  Such a thing should have never happened, but it did.  But the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution was ratified  December 6,  1865. This is the amendment that officially ended slavery in the United States.  Following the ratification, racial prejudice was still openly practiced.  Eventually, following legislation and court orders to do so, actual integration began in earnest, though not all areas had been reticent to integrate.  We just don’t hear much about the successes.  When did racial integration start in the US? The Topeka middle schools had been integrated since 1941.

Recently on Digg, a young man who is black, wrote that level playing fields would have made it easier for the minorities.  I thought about what he had said, and the more I thought about it, the clearer it all became to me.

The level playing field he talked about cannot exist in real life.  I believe that is the first thing that should be addressed when talking about race relations because this “level playing field” is someone’s idea of a nice saying that holds very few truths.

I am not equal to you – I’m no good at writing.  Maybe you are not equal to me – I play piano and sing.  I do pretty good stand-up comedy.  Perhaps you aren’t designed for such.  I am tall.  Maybe you are short.  Maybe I am ugly.  Maybe you are handsome.  You are black and I am white.Maybe you love rap music whereas I cannot stand listening to it.  Perhaps you like motorcycles, but I don’t.  I may have a wealthy family, but yours may be poor.  You may get a scholarship – I get none.  You are young, I am elderly.  You are healthy.  I am in poor health.   Would you say that you and I are on a level playing field?

Level playing fields are a myth.  In a society, they do not exist and that is the lie that liberal politicians keep selling the poor, minorities, uneducated, and any others they can suck a vote from.  NO ONE is on a level playing field and to cry for one is naive, and the sooner minorities recognize that fact, the quicker race relations will improve.

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  1. The thing that astounds me here is that in all these years I have never thought of level playing field except as it means equal Opportunity. This article makes one acutely aware that the Collectivists use “leveling the playing field” not as equal opportunity, but as brainwashing to redefine that into equal “rights” justifying redistribution. We just kinda blindly read right past such diatribe without thinking about what they really mean. My Bad, Our Bad!

    Thanks for bring this to us, Tassie!

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