No Government, No Force

The Many Faces of Libertarianism

… The need for freedom is based on the need to reason. Force and the threat of it, and the threat of fraud throttles reason. Reason is the uniquely human means of dealing with reality in order to flourish, yea, in order to survive. If reason is shut down by fear of force, man is rendered almost helpless, he has no choices. Chaos could then ensue.

Why is the threat of force and the use of force itself so harmful? It reduces one’s choices to nothing. Retaliation is required, but is not always possible. Sometimes one must wait until an appropriate authority can intervene.

The ethics of Objectivism is the only proper foundation for an individual rights political movement. In turn, that ethic needs to be founded on the solid ground of Objectivist metaphysics and epistemology.

Libertarian does not have such a foundation. You, who call yourselves Libertarians, must find such a foundation. You must return to your Objectivist roots.

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  1. Author Peter Namtvedt with clear vision indeed, and I certainly agree. I have been registered Libertarian since 1978 after helping qualify the party for the ballot in my home state. This disastrous past election was a perfect example of the author’s lament.

    Our entire economic collapse can easily be traced to fuzzy “morality” which abandons the principles of Reason, individual liberty and personal choice without Force. Once one steps off the muddy path, everything becomes clear and simple. I doubt that anything other than objective morality will bring us out of the Dark Age ahead.

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