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The Ponzi scheme that U.S. Congress has been running, since 1933, is about to collapse the nation. It may take out the world, as well.

What’s the scheme?

It “takes” from taxpayers and “gives” to recipients, while taking a cut of the action for their magnanimous administration of the legalized thievery. And each shortfall is the excuse for deficits (borrowing credit, at usury).

However, this tax scheme is based upon fraudulent consent, via enrollment into Social Security. Since there is no law compelling participation, and no law punishing those who choose not to participate, it is 100% voluntary. If it was compulsory, it would be involuntary servitude and unconstitutional.

Due to the impossible contract (via usury) with creditors, evidenced by the unpayable national debt (in excess of ten trillions), the millions of “Human Resources” are burdened with an obligation that is tantamount to grand larceny on a national scale.

Though the government tries to keep us in the dark about the “voluntary” nature of national socialism, and misleads the nation into believing that “everyone” must have “the number” before they can work in the U.S.A., the law is the law. And you can ask them to produce the constitutional law that obligates all Americans to enroll, but they cannot provide it.

What will happen when 51% of the American people wake up and just say “NO” to (in)voluntary socialism?

If an American is no longer a participant in Social Security, he no longer is obligated to pay the withholding tax (FICA) on his wages, and his employer is also no longer liable.

Without a SSN/TIN, one is not a “person liable” for the individual income tax on wages. (The uniform rate Corporate Income tax is the constitutional excise tax. The Individual Income tax is graduated, and based on a private compact with the Social Security Administration and the Federal Reserve corporation.) Without an account and number, one cannot be held criminally liable for “willful failure to file.” (Again, try and find the law that makes “all Americans” into persons liable for paying a tax on wages, or the law that compels “all Americans” to make a “return of income” and file an IRS Form 1040.)

What will Congress do when 51% of the most productive Americans cease to be “voluntary slaves”? When tax revenues are slashed by 51% or more? What will the creditor do when Congress stops paying the interest on the national debt? What will holders of Federal Reserve Notes do, when their worthless nature is made clear?

Will the government capitulate to the “Will of the People”? Or will it impose martial law, and expose the awful truth of the subjugation of the American people to the foreign corporation known as the “United States”, in Congress assembled, in bankruptcy to usurers?

————- Notes: Pursuant to the Coinage Act of 1792, the national debt computes to an obligation to pay the creditor a sum of gold bullion, stamped into lawful money, that is 99.2 times the total world supply of above ground bullion. That means the national debt is impossible to pay, for all practical purposes. But due to the 14th amendment, the public debt shall not be questioned – no matter how insane it is.

The Social Security Administration’s form letter response to questions about compulsory enrollment states that the sole legal reason to enroll is to participate in the “Entitlement” program.

Congressional Research Service defines “Entitlements” as synonymous with “gifts”. Congress is under no legal or contractual obligation to pay benefits, and anything given is entirely at their discretion. There is no “Insurance contract” nor “Trust Fund”. In fact, the “Trust Fund” consists of IOUs that can only be redeemed by higher taxes in the future. All taxes collected, are spent, as part of the General Fund. (It is a Ponzi bribery scheme, paying present beneficiaries with the indentured servitude of future generations.)

In 2007, Congress borrowed MORE than it paid in debt service. In short, the Congress can no longer afford to pay the interest on the national debt. It is only a short step to the point where it can no longer borrow on the “credit” of the United States.

Pursuant to Title 12 United States Code, Sec. 411, every Federal Reserve Note (aka dollar bill) is an obligation (debt) of the Congress to pay face value in lawful money (gold / silver coin) on demand. That promise was repudiated, in 1933, in House Joint Resolution 192. But due to the “Contributors” (obligated parties) who signed up with Socialist InSecurity, the worthless notes became THEIR obligation, and thus legal tender for all debts, public AND private. When 51% leave national socialism, the FRNs will no longer be legal tender for all private debt, and may be objected to – as they have no par value. At that point, the banking / finance system will collapse, and the perpetrators may abandon the country, in fear for their lives.

JG  December 23, 2008

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