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Juror Brooks: No Tax Law, Acquitted

Here is another video, of juror Marcy Brooks, about serving on a jury which said “not guilty” to charges of not filing income taxes, because there is NO LAW requiring same.  Not filing is protected under the 4th and 5th Amendments.  Please note that not filing is far different than filing (which is your admission that you may owe something!), and that filing falsely can definitely land you in the clinker.  Beyond that, your admission by waiving your Amendment rights opens the Audit Door, and somehow gives the IRS the privileges of Lien and Attachment without due process.

So YES YOU CAN stop filing and YOU CAN stop paying and YOU CAN stop withholding income taxes!

And you SHOULD stop filing and paying taxes!  Why?  By paying taxes you are supporting a government now completely out of your control, which ignores your Constitution, and negates your personal rights and liberty.  The system has indebted itself (supposedly YOU) to the point where bankruptcy is inevitable.  We are destined to fall into total economic and moral collapse; paying taxes is as immoral as the government you support.

This not-too-long speech is in two parts. Two short clips, you’ll be back in about 15 minutes.

The page with juror Marcy Brooks videos is HERE!

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