No Government, No Force

Belief Does Not Begat Worship Nor Reverence

In the never ending theology dialog with my skeptical antithesis at work, many subjects regarding theism are broached but most times a key item is overlooked. This prime factor underlies nearly every discussion regarding the existence of god, though it is seldom addressed.

Striker: You won’t believe the muddle-mindedness of the conversation!

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  1. is totally changed from the days when we were members. The above link(s) don’t work anymore, but you can get to their “new” homepage and go from there.

    We left when it self-destructed by ruining it’s structure, and ended up using When Sodahead was sold off to a bunch of rabid progressives both myself and Tasine departed there as well. That’s a long story, but we now simply work and share from this website and it’s followup “sister”, which is considerable more active these days (but not nearly enough as yet!)

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