No Government, No Force

You really WANT communism? Try OpEd. Try Obama.

I posted this originally today as a comment, here slightly enhanced, to:

We have had quite enough of OpEd-type diatribe.  I am going to use the word communism here, but want readers to understand that Left, Liberal, Socialist, Fascist, Progressive, Communism are merely different straws on the broom.  One leads to another, never does it reverse.  You either want freedom, or you prefer to sacrifice your life and property for “The Greater Good” and allow “them” to decide.  There are no alternatives.

OpEd’s objectives (and they are hardly alone, think Obama!) are communistic goals which seek to replace capitalism and free enterprise with the almighty State.  These are NOT moral objectives, because they cannot be accomplished except by force.  This means using the sham of Government Force to usurp our moral individual rights to life and property to sustain that life.  Your money is property too, but folks tend to forget that until their purse is stolen, which is then too late.  It’s your purse, it’s your freedom; hang onto it for dear life because the thugs have arrived!

Morality necessarily includes the innate right to individual choice, in all matters.  Where we live, the home we live in, the car we drive, the groceries you choose, the clothes you wear, the schools you attend, the insurance & investments & retirement plan, and the campaigns, battles & wars we join (or not) — all are properly our personal choices as free individuals.

Hand in hand with those choices is the responsibility to care for our own lives, prosperity and happiness, for we have no claim upon the life or property of any other (NOR they upon us).
Those who make rational choices for themselves and for their chosen small circle of friends and family will reach prosperity and achieve happiness.

Those who reject rationality will probably fail, although their churches, charity or ourselves as helpful neighbors, may see in those rejects sufficient merit to help them survive an emergency.  True freedom encourages rationality and responsibility.

Those like OpEd push what may seem as moral objectives, but where they are wrong (immoral) is that those objectives cannot be voluntarily funded, and can be instituted only by use of government force and theft via taxation.  The result is the loss of personal choice, the foundation of liberty.  The even sadder result is the reduction of all mankind to the lowest common denominator.

OpEd’s main slogan says “Healthcare not Warfare”.  We would agree …”not Warfare”, as again we forfeit our freedom of choice.  OpEd would only replace one dictate with another, in hopes that we would fail to notice as long as taxes seemed about the same.  However, Government healthcare also removes our freedom of choice and destroys all the competitive advantages of the free market.

Sacrifice is not moral — the dictators always take care of themselves first, and such is the result of redistributing the wealth.  Remember the years during and after the Bolshevik revolution.  That is the unwitting goal of OpEd.  Do not be deceived.

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