No Government, No Force

To my Digg Friends, from Dean Striker

Today I made a single Digg comment somewhere, which was picked up by Sassy, and motivated me to get this written.

That comment perhaps gave a slightly wrong impression, that I am leaving Digg.  No, I am merely pulling (partly) back from Digg, because it seems more important to me that I have time to write better explanations of morality, and surely hope I am up to that!  Seems that “morality” is construed as haughty and overbearing, how sad that it’s really quiet simple!  What I hope to get everyone to understand is simply that basic moral principles are the crucial foundation to understanding and correcting the myriad of wrongs by government and socialistic “society”.  As I finish these future pages, I will submit them to Digg, in hopes that my Friends will find them useful in future discussions.

For my own personal philosophy, which has continued for about 45 years now, Ayn Rand was quite enough.  Then during the 70’s, I helped organize the Libertarian Party, which rather fulfilled me for these many years. For me, this has been much more about a moral philosophy than it is about political action.  Along with so many others, I felt that the morality was generally accepted, and given that, our Constitution would protect us, thus continuing discussion of morality was not of critical importance.  Of course, that turns out to have been the worst judgment of our lives!

However, as we all know today, seeing here at Digg and elsewhere that the prime morality of the individual has been largely lost.  The irrational and immoral leftist / liberal / socialist /communist / fascist / mystical /altruistic mentality, now preferring the moniker “progressive”, has come to reject moral philosophy in favor of force and sacrifice, thus overwhelming America and the world with their striving “for the greater good”, “for the good of our country”, and “with each according to his ability, to each according to his need”.  While I am not religious, I cannot help but observe that such mystical statements are promoted as gospel in many churches, along with “God will take care of us”, which seems to me to be the ultimate statement of the brain-dead and hopeless.  The key element seems to be that only sacrifice merits honor.

My small library contains mostly the works of Ayn Rand.  I adopted “Atlas Shrugged” as my bible about 1964, and never needed to open it again.  However, the short absolute statements of Ayn Rand work only for people who have not allowed themselves to brainwashed; those who have kept some ideals and have exercised their ability to reason.  Perhaps if Rand had continued with her discipline, she might have left us with the ways of addressing these issues as they arose, but perhaps she expected you and me to carry on?  So we raised our family, without lecture, but by example, in objective morality, and I am proud to say that there are at least our 4 children who live by this same creed.  However, with perhaps 90% of our citizenry having conceded their reason to altruism and Big Brother, we have a great chore ahead, and must be diligent in it’s pursuit.

What we have lost over these last three generations beginning with FDR cannot be rectified in days or weeks.  The situation today has brought America and the world to unavoidable collapse into an unforeseeable Dark Age.  It is my hope that the concept of individual (not communal) freedom survives and enables a re-start someday which is wholly based on objectivist morality, which means everyone who agrees must be diligent in that pursuit!  The alternative is not pretty, clearly it will be even more of the same.

I have made or recognized some really good Friends here, people who understand morality.  On the other hand, at Digg we all also generate “Fans”, all of whom I check out as they appear.  Sadly, many of those Fans seem to hang around for the sole purpose of sabotaging our cause.  Another problem I have with Digg, for example, is that this election is over.  We have no viable choices who might win, and to continue skipping gossip about any of the candidates is a huge waste of time.  The only such that has interested me lately is that lawsuit Berg v. Obama which seems to correctly maintain that Obama is not a natural-born citizen, and may be not a citizen at all.

So, just expect that I’ll do very little commenting at Digg in the future, it’s like working 16-hour days for 2-bits an hour!  But I’ll be there watching at Digg watching the relevant.

What you, as a Friend, can do — well you already know the Digg part, Digg and Share and Share again.   It’s very disheartening to work so hard and never get past the 100-Diggs, you know?  Plus, here on, it will be most helpful if you would help build this website, and comment here on morality101 to either enhance or to help keep me on-track!   I appreciate your support, both past and future!

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  1. The is 6 years later now. Digg went south by ruining it’s website, then after a while I found Sodahead and left that as well when apparently new progressive owners took over and set out to deactivate the most vociferous resisters (that’d be me) so these days I’m back working more here, but my main website now (and has been) for several years.

    Overall, I’m really frustrated with the lack of participation here, and worse, with all the talk and no action. Seems people like to bitch but are afraid to do anything about it.

  2. Thanks for joining us. Morality101 is particularly in need of more comments / feedback. I’m 70 years old and have been in this vein my entire life, but that doesn’t mean I know everything, so your input is welcome and important!
    You’ll be designated now as an Author, permitting you to write and post webpages in addition to commenting.
    Welcome aboard!

  3. Great article Dean. I have added you to my blog list. I look forward to reading your work in the future.
    As you know, I am an Ayn Rand fan as well. I am doing research for a series of paintings on her work.
    I also feel it is important to spread the word on individual liberty. As a political artist, I have the potential to spread the message to a great number of people, and that is my goal. Do not dispair. There are alot of young people fed up with this country who are ready to fight back. I am optomistic because I keep hearing them talk about Rand and our founding fathers. It is time for us to pick up the torch of Liberty and restore our country to its roots.
    Perhaps we are John Galt? Regardless, the time to sit on the sidelines and complain has passed.
    Keep up the hard work and I will help any way I can. Your writings will certainly inspire some paintings, and I will keep you posted on that. If you want to reach me directly, my e-mail is
    Good luck, and I look forward to reading more articles.

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