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Down the Tubes

This began as a comment to a Digg thread pitching Ron Paul, a popular thread which needed expansion and action beyond what I had posted there.

All of us many problems, but solutions are all over the map and not much is viable.  We are deep into economic collapse, our greenback will take a huge hit from the $$ added by the illegal Fed to keep things afloat for these many things, tax stimulus, Bear-Sterns (we got lucky there, but), Fanny/Freddy, now AIG is worse using nationalizantion.  It has all led to economic collapse, well underway and ready to fall off the cliff.

I also like Ron Paul, but his pitch to vote 3rd party will accomplish nothing.  This has no candidate,  no real agenda and will accomplish nothing but some contributions for a while.  There is no 3rd-anybody out there who can win or even crank up a decent campaign before November 4th.  I too would like to vote for principle, but it’s really not worth the gas this time.  So we are stuck with McBama, and no matter which wins, either will make it much worse.

The system is broke, and the time for fixing it has passed.  The brainwashed sheeples will proceed to vote their brainless convictions, and those of us who understand this mess are all SOL.  In one way, it serves us all right, the sheeple for forfeiting their minds, and ourselves for failure to use due diligence over these last 3 generations beginning with FDR.

All  and all this is wasting precious time and diverting focus.  There is a solution I hope to publish yet tonight, it will be titled “Down the Tubes” on  It will begin with the text of this post, and continue with the only solution in sight (short of revolution, I mean).

…continuation of the Digg comment, not posted to the Digg thread…  So if you came here to get it, you know more than they do.

Meanwhile, at 10 p.m. last night (Sep 17th) I happened to catch the Charlie Rose interview show with Hank Greenberg, founder of AIG, and Rep. Barney Frank, chairman of the House Finance Commitee.  It was astounding, to say the least.  For the discussions about AIG and it’s nationalization fit exactly into the scenario as I anticipated it would play out.  The nationalization came near to wiping out Greenberg’s 12% interest in AIG, and then came Rep Frank, who showed the complete stupidity of not only himself, but also of the players behind the scene.  Frank is obviously a fascist Democrat (MA) who opined that all these problems were caused, not by the interference and manipulation of both the Fed and of Congress, but by inadequate regulation (interference).  By the time this interview was finished, the handwriting was on the wall.  Fanny/Freddie had been nationalized, Lehman had gone into bankruptcy, and now AIG was nationalized at a cost of 85 billion dollars the trillion dollar company was siezed by the government and thus will be destroyed in due course.

I worked thru the night bring in the 3 relevant videos from that interview, submitting them all to Digg as AIG – …  It is now about 8 a.m. MST and the two later videos are still not posted to, which links I had submitted.  Once you see all 3 of the videos, it should be clear to most anyone what the result was forthcoming.  The economic collapse I have been writing about will, with all certainly, topple the ongoing collapse into the well of the dark age ahead.

This is a quite drastic change from my intent at the time I finished with Digg last night, and I have not yet had a chance to sleep, which is becoming quite crucial by now!  Anyway, my earlier intent had been to guide you thru the pages of collapse into the action of tax strike.  Those webpages are still on here if you wish to look.  However, it now appears that we don’t have to do any more tax-strike stuff, the government has done itself in and it’s inevitable bankruptcy will come in due course.

(taking a break, gosh!  back in a while to finish this)  … TV was on, of course, and there was President Bush blowing his smoke that they’re getting it all fixed (as in calling around the world for MONEY), and that this mess has become global (which I had also anticipated)… gone again for a while

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