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Wait!  Don’t bury me for quite yet!  This may not seem important to you, but isn’t losing Digg “Friends” important to you?

For those many of us who, for whatever reason, can’t have a zippy-fast connection, videos are impossibly slow to load.  Somehow this is not true on all websites, but it is true on YouTube and many others.

One might sit an hour tapping fingers on desk while waiting to load, meanwhile enduring the pain of hearing 3-4 words. a long pause, then another 3-4 words, on and on ad nauseum.  Sure, we can do other things meanwhile, but using our net to do something else makes that delay even worse.

Therefore, that webpage is usually closed in utter frustration, and your point was is never made.  If the vid-page also contains related text it our pain is lessened, okay?

Perhaps Digg can modify it’s system, e.g. during submission, it looks at the URL and thus can see videos within, and advise users in the description or other ways. Perhaps a modification of categories would fix it.  But until/unless that might be accomplished, the ball is in your court, Friend.

So when you shout, simply include ‘video’ (or whatever) in your message to your Friends, so each can decide whether it’s worth the pain and the time.  Sometimes, yes it is.  Just be kind to your Friends.

One last little thing for Digg submitters — Videos are rarely News, so post those to Video.

Why not Share this — We Digger Friends with pokey connections will like you better and Digg you more!  Thanks very much.  Happy Digging!

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