No Government, No Force

Ron Paul, America’s last hope, abandoned us today!

I believe this to be the most important blurb I’ve ever written.  I have submitted this to Digg, so help us all, both at Digg It!, and have the courage to comment here at Morality101.

I am very disappointed that Ron Paul abandoned us today, telling us to ‘vote no’ by voting for any other 3rd party candidate.  Horsefeathers!  I am equally disappointed that Dr Paul chose to abandon his former Libertarian Party and play Republican.  Pseudo-Libertarian Bob Barr doesn’t even grasp libertarian principles, and has never addressed the issues and possible solutions of our economic collapse.  All the other parties and their candidates are a joke, yes, absolutely including the Republicans and Democrats.

While I might waste the gas to go write in Ron Paul, the fact is voting just became an exercise in futility.

So, back to after Digg truncated a post for me, my point is…

It seems clear to me that America can survive but little longer unless it takes immediate and drastic steps to reverse it’s progression into economic collapse.  Failing that, we may not survive even to this coming election.  Given the horrible choices for our next leadership, certainly we cannot continue on this path for another four years.  I am 70 years old; I am not and never have been a Gloom & Doom guy, but folks, we are at the end of this rope!  Unless somehow the goons in government suddenly show signs of life and rationality, which we have no reason to anticipate, the show is all over.

The economic collapse will be triggered by inflation running to hyperinflation, caused by overwhelming national debt which grows with every stimulus, every bailout, and every new socialist scheme.  There is no money for any of this, so it’s all simply being piled atop the national debt.  Our dollar will become worthless and unacceptable to the rest of the world.  The USA will have to admit it is bankrupt, however that might be accomplished, and disavow not only the national debt, but also will default on all it’s other obligations, e.g social security and medicare and welfare and highway maintenance — you name it, it will disappear.

Few of us will have enough to buy food or pay our utility bills, plain survival will make life interesting indeed!  The rich (bless ’em) will be able to pay off their mortgages and other debt with hyperinflated money, and find tremendous bargains to the extent of their bankrolls.  But most of them will run out of money too, and find themselves holding a whole truckload of worthless T-Bills and investments as our government and private interest also collapse.

The only way I see of saving our butts depends on two key actions:

1.  Congress immediately acting to rein in or abolish the Federal Reserve.  The Fed’s manipulation of the economy must end, NOW!  The Fed must be barred from more debt and thereby expanding the money supply.  It must also be barred from tinkering with monetary policy, that which destabilizes our economy and interferes with free market capitalism, throwing us back and forth between boom and depression.

2.  Congress must reverse course immediately on everything adding to the national debt, and show the world HUGE progress toward paying that debt down.  Nothing impromptu can be added to the debt – e.g. no bailouts, no takeovers, no stimulus, no subsidies… all must end.  We may have to tell Iraq and Afghanistan and Israel that we believe we have accomplished our objectives and we’re going home.  We must tell the world we can’t support them anymore because we must deal with our own issues here at home.  We must seek to collect the abandoned debts due us around the world.  Here at home, we must eliminate most of our bureaucracy, first because of it’s immorality, and also because we can’t afford it.  Among other moves we might take would be selling off the government lands, e.g. those held by the BLM — and yes I know that would be very disruptive to the market enjoyed by big real estate investors, but perhaps they’ll take advantage, so ???  We must put an end to all support to immigrants, legal and illegal, while making it simple for enter legally for anything serving our American interests.

The above is the “short list”.  If you have something helpful to add to the above, or can contribute other solutions to our national dilemma,  registering is as easy as possible, please join us!

I may return to edit this page later, simply because both the underlying casual morality and the longer-term solutions could well be included here.

Meanwhile, those are already written in several pages you’ll find in my Tax-Strike category, along with the Libertarian and Objectivism tabs in the header at the top of all blogger pages here on Morality101.

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