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Politics – McCain & Dobson?

The apparent endorsement of John McCain by evangelist Dobson shows how extreme the religious factions in this country have become. It makes you wonder, does the average American have a real choice or voice to express their own personal opinion over whom should run the country?

Dobson and his ilk have no business mixing their brand of religious fervor with the political process, but it seems these people are hell bent on legislating religion and morality into the American process. These are real dangerous times to be sure, but are the American people not intelligent enough to make up their own minds without the local pastor stepping in?

History will show, our forefathers had the right idea of separation of church and state.

Rev Dobson would do well to clean up his own back yard, before he thinks about messing with his neighbor’s yard…….

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  1. While certainly separation of church and state is essential, at the same time we supposedly have freedom of speech. We may not like it, but preachers have free speech also!

    More importantly to me, Americans do not have a real choice in elections controlled by big money for the two major parties. Also, after several generations of altruist brainwashing, Americans have ceded their minds and their lives to Big Brother. I think I’ll make a separate post for that subject.

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