No Government, No Force

Rationality is not a Proposition

Ever since the dawn of reasoning, or the day humankind, decided to put their thoughts in writing, humans have increased their living potential tenfold. Through the processes of thinking rational behavior, all of us have benefited enormously from the gifts created by individuals in our human conscious. To be sure, some have followed using these gifts for the destruction of others, but on the whole people have prospered and increased their life’s potential.

Socialism, a political movement, grew out of the Marxian doctrine called “Das Kapital”, and died in the trash-heap of a failed political reality, as history shows. The current politics of our country is now moving back toward a socialist state, with the government being the responsible parent for all of society’s ills. It never worked, will never work, and will never succeed.

This country was created so that individuals can create heaven on earth, through their own work and efforts. You can rise or fall, stand on a soap box and make a fool of yourself, build a bridge to nowhere, but in the end, it is you and you alone who is the prime motivator, and responsible party for your creation. This primary form of reasoning in the early stages of our country’s history built the greatest culture this world has ever seen. If you don’t believe this, look back into history, and see who was the motivator for the industrial revolution, the growth of real democracy, human rights, education, etc, etc, etc….

The past days, a new type of jet engine has been developed, making a plane capable of flying at six times the speed of sound. Do you see this kind of innovation coming out of Russia, or France, or England, or any other country? No, why not? The answer is simple, its called freedom, freedom to think, freedom to be rational, and most of all freedom to innovate.

With all its social problems and ills, the great American Dream of creating one’s life is still there. Now if we could only get those parasitic leeching blood sucking monkeys off our back, called the government, we could probabably conquer the stars next, and maybe move to some other planets for a little elbow room, so I don’t have to listen to that god awful rap music coming out of the cars passing by….. Thank you

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