No Government, No Force

Extremists on Both Sides

Recently I watched with interest the television interview with a  religious leader in the U.S., who’s last name is Dobson. His speech centered on Barack Obama’s interpretation of certain passages in the bible. Mr. Dobson a devout fundamentalist called Mr. Obama’s rhetoric, a fruitcake description of the bible. I have always wondered why the people of this land, seem to place their meaning of the bible as the absolute last word, and any deviation as being wrong, and that they seem to profess, a divine right to such a stance.

Most fundamentalists believe in the end of days theology, or the “Eschaton”, which also the fundamentalist Muslims profess. Now isn’t that strange to see two opposing religions devoutly believing in the end of days, according to the bible and Koran, and calling anything else heretical.

The fundamentalists on both sides are very political, and want to push their agenda, through the political process. This author would be the first to say, these jihadist in the mid-east, with violence and murder, are to me the personification of evil. The so called christian movement in this country, uses intimidation, and condemnation, to pursue their dogmatic belief. When you have insanity such as this running amok, the entire constitutional principal of “separation of church and state”, is not only lost, but also in jeopardy of failing. You can be sure if the fundamental christians had their way, this country’s ruling body would become a theocracy.

Why is it, that rational Americans have such a hard time, grasping with this flawed reasoning.

All you need to do is look at the state of our politics.

I long for the days of the quiet American, moms apple pie, and cleaning up our own backyards, before we go messing with othet people’s backyards. Is that such an unreasonable proposition?

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