No Government, No Force

Out of Control

sunday morning, reading the internet news opinions and here it is, a journalist writing and article, with the heading “is the world spinning out of control”, someting i believe i have been saying for quite a while……. not only out of control, but gasping for breath as its drowning in an ocean of filth and mental stultification. if not now, but very soon, i sincerely believe, we will be in a 3rd world war, that will push civilization back to the stone age. these looters at the top are trying to hold a machine together which no longer works…… of course if you really want to take your mind away from the truth, there is always the sports channel, or the reality shows. makes me wonder when the gladiator games of the roman era will come back, you know the one with lions eating christians, and gladiators killing each other in games of survival. seem farfetched, not by any stretch of the imagination……

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