No Government, No Force

Changing weather and changing life

the changes in weather patterns has produced this year an unusual number of tornados, yet according to my own research on the thermodynamics of the storms, this pattern will persist and grow stronger until a balance is reached after the melting of the polar caps….. there will be no hurricanes of any duration as the atlantic oceans are getting much to warm to produce such an anomaly, and will occur less and less as the polar caps melt…… however the resultant change will affect the pacific oceans by producing typhoons 3 to 4 times as severe as normal and you may see the west coast of california actually become the next hurricane alley. the resultant change in the tornado frequency, will also shift fro a south-east/midwest area of occurrence to a westerly, and also a canadian midsection occurrence of frequent tornado activity…… the affects of these weather occurrences will drastically shorten the growth of our food supply, and you may see an overall reduction to 50% of what we used to grow to feed the world….. the poorest nations in the world will be the hardest affect, with their populations becoming so frantic over hunger, the eventual end result will be world war over the remaining supplies…. on a personal level, such as where you live, next year will see a doubling of the price of milk, tripling of the price of bread and a corn tortilla, quadrupling of the price of meats and chickens, and finally, as oil approaches a record $140 a barrel next week, gas will hit a new all time high of $5.50 a gallon…… these sociological changes in the economic life of this country will catch even the most die hard skeptics by surprise, and will produce a reaction quite unexpected , by the masses, one, of sheer panic…….. food will become a weapon of force to motivate the masses to do the bidding of their masters, are you ready to play or pay, which is it………

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