No Government, No Force

A New Economic Reality

With the emergence of a new global economy, created by the ever expanding corporate multinationals, the status of the U.S. as the dominant force in the world market is growing ever in doubt. Did this need to happen? From a laymans point of view, losing jobs, financial instability, cross border rivalries, seems at best to be a no-win scenario. So does a free market really work with the whole world competing against one another for a piece of the global economic pie! if in creating wealth in another part of the world, is it worthwhile to create disparity in our country? There are those who say that only through education and new technologies, we can retain a competetive edge. Reality is showing otherwise, and if you have trouble seeing the issue, just look at the loss of manufacturing jobs in this country, which by the way is a real and direct threat to the national security interests of this country. The political leaders of our country don’t seem to get it, so in order to fool us even further, the tide of illegal and foreign workers, are being used to feed the great machine of industry, and erode the capabilities of the American worker further, knowing full well, what the end result will be. This nation is fast becoming a 3rd world ghetto. Gang violence, theft, looting, hunger, murder, are only a harbinger of a failing society. Most Americans say they do not like where this country is heading, and I ask, where would you as a free people want this country to go to! Should we have trade tariffs to protect our interests, should we shut the borders down, and employ only Americans, and should we break up the multi-nationional corporations, that do business here? What should we do, that is the $64 question. For those who are caught in the struggle of living paycheck to paycheck, these questions seem irrelevant, when filling up the gas tank in the car costs $100. My answer to any of you, is think, reason, and most of all quit believing that the quick fix is with a newly elected political leader. The answer actually begins with you……

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