No Government, No Force

Three Stooges

There is only one priority issue in this USA election 2008.

The issue is not national health care, nor the war in Iraq, nor global warming, nor immigration, nor drugs, nor abortion, nor ‘change’, nor raving preachers, nor oil prices, nor evil corporations… none of the above yet all of the above contribute to the issue before us.

This issue has come upon us thru a combination of all the above; virtually every politician at every level of government is responsible.  All three of the current stooges — the DemRep presidential candidates McCain, Obama & Clinton — are avoiding this issue.  Libertarian candidate Barr began with 163 days to become viable, but has wasted every day since and is now headed to Oxford in England to make a speech?  about nothing?  Just another stooge?

The media is also responsible; they are not addressing the issue either.  What are they waiting for?  Why is  not the collapse of our Dollar worth discussing?  How can that not impact the people of this world?

The single issue of any relevance in the real world is the ongoing USA economic collapse.

Right here on Morality101 are posts discussing the causes & effects, with the basis for the necessary solution.  I choose not to repeat them in this post, but ask you to surf this website to gain some understanding.  With several others, we have been trying so very hard to bring this issue to the forefront, but it’s been like talking to a wall.  The ostriches have their heads in the sand, but having been well brainwashed for several generations, perhaps they can no longer think for themselves?

It seems to me that this issue has passed any point of recovery, with no viable solution except in the very long run.  The collapse will continue until it wipes out our USA, with the devastating impact extending around the globe.  Calling this “gloom and doom” will not stop the collapse, nor make it go away.   But this collapse is likely to make you and many others go away, while those who survive will endure yet another Dark Age.

It’s all so simple – what do you not get about the morality of the free individual?

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  1. Well last night Obama became the apparent Democratic nominee. That would take the 3 stooges down to 2, except

    Now we need to see if Bob Barr addresses the single real issue for this election, the moral/economic collapse already in progress. I suspect we still have 3 stooges, but I’d love to be surprised!

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