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Iraq – the real cost

Over half-trillion dollars has been spent on the war in Iraq.  When the true applicable costs are tallied, It’s probably much more.  It has not been paid for, being all piled atop of our insurmountable national debt.

The war was started by the first and only Hitler-President America has ever elected, his veep has multiplied his wealth via his interests in Halliburton.  The political stooges are arguing, not about getting out, but only about when someday in the future.  What is wrong with tomorrow morning?  Get the hell out!

Most of the middle-eastern countries hate us and want to destroy us.  The UN wouldn’t buy the idea of attack; England was our only ally; France and Germany were adamantly against it, even Turkey wouldn’t allow us to use their air-bases.  It’s hard to understand, but maybe we’ve given them good reason?

This does NOT mean I’ll be voting for some socialist, either.  McCain and Obama — both will increase spending, that decreases personal freedom and choice, so what’s the difference?  If I vote at all, it will be for Ron Paul unless the supposedly Libertarian Bob Barr gets onto the economic issues, which are the only issues with fatal potential.  I am beginning to believe, however, that our economy cannot survive until November, so what’s the difference?  We’re all gonna be out in the woods hunting rabbits.  That’ll soon make rabbits extinct, so we’ll have the environmentalists all over our butts.  There’s no way to win anymore.

But my subject here is ‘the REAL cost’ — the economic collapse of the USA.  This war is only a relatively small part of the national debt which has soared beyond hope.  It’s been going on for years.  Check back – even when Clinton supposedly had managed a surplus at the end of his reign, the national debt continued it’s climb.

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