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Farm Subsidies

A rather big issue amongst the politicos today is the Farm Subsidy bill.  A part of that fiasco is paying farmers NOT to grow crops.  Congress has been fighting, not about the principles involved, but rather  about how to apportion the dollars amongst the farmers, while it would better vote this as amongst the many big budget items which should be terminated.  You pay the taxes to subsidize the farmers, and are rewarded with higher prices at the grocery.

Happily the farmers are doing very well these days.  Again high demand while limiting supply drives farm prices up.  Farmers are producing corn for mandated ethanol while our world has a critical food shortage and while government buys ‘surplus’ food to give to the welfare set…


  • Our dollar is collapsing because of socialist programs like this
  • It doesn’t matter whether it’s business subsidies or welfare, the socialists are using government to steal our money for their favorites, and leaving us out of any choice.
  • Because the farmers contribute money to the politicians YOU elect (not me)!
  • Life is really so simple, isn’t it?

We should be writing a ditto post on the whole huge spectrum of theft by taxation items.  It’s billions and billions.  Give us back our lives.

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