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Barr/Root – one issue – last opportunity

Okay, folks, it’s time to get real.  Actually, it’s been that time for many years, but today it has all caught up with us.  Let things continue this way, and this next election will be our last, if we even survive until November!

Americans are concerned over rising prices.  Are they asking their DemoReps to explain why our national debt is beyond control?  NO!  Are they asking to eliminate anything of the causes?  NO!  Are they asking why our dollar is rapidly becoming worthless?  NO!  Are they wondering why they no longer have choices except the lesser of 2 or 3 evils?  NO!  All this noise about yes, a really stupid war. but are they asking that we just admit the mistake and quit right now?  NO!

Libertarians are disjointed over their convention nominees.  Are we going to work for those we’ve chosen, or are we just going to extinguish our candle?  We might have made choices from amongst “more pure” libertarians, but we didn’t.  Barr wasn’t my preference either, but he is a savvy politician who can help put us back on the map, and Root may help with philosophical balance for that team.  Sorry to see it, but Ron Paul saw the light and won’t carry our torch, but at least he’ll be in Congress.  Sticking with Dr Paul for president is surely a wasted vote even if it makes a small point.  We don’t have 4 more years; splintering won’t buy the USA or the libertarians any more time.

I probably missed some, but I’ve seen only C-span even mention the Libertarians.  Our presentation wasn’t the best, and C-span didn’t cover it all that well, but at least they did.  I didn’t see CNN or Fox or xxNBC or any other even acknowledge the LP convention, nor are they including us in their “news”, the tiresome and boring debate over trivia.

There is but one real issue, which is being studiously avoided by the DemoReps and by the media.  That issue is our economic collapse, along with the underlying immorality which has caused it.  If Libertarians are to survive as a political party, we must seize upon this issue in this moment and bring it to the forefront.  This is our last opportunity.  Barr said we have 163 days… now it’s 162, 161, 160…

Economic collapse is a tough issue, perhaps impossible, but keeping our heads in the sand cannot change the scenario.  We may be entering the new Dark Age without even a flashlight.

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