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May 26, 2008 [updated 8 Nov 2015]

I’ve watched the USA head down the wrong path from FDR. ‘Atlas Shrugged’ has been my bible for 45 years. I was a libertarian long before there was an LP, worked hard to help get the LP on the Arizona ballot about 1976.  For myself, it has become more about the philosophy than action, a mistake I now regret but maybe that’s merely part of our live and let live syndrome.

Yesterday I watched the whole nomination process on c-span and was frankly disappointed in the choices which left Ruwart standing out in the woods somewhere, but that won’t cause me to leave.

It was more disappointing, tho, that nobody addressed our impossible national debt, our dollar collapsing further with every new give-away and with every import, with every manipulative maneuver of The Fed, and the immorality which is sending our USA down the tubes.

If any issue might offer a campaign strategy with value in presenting libertarian principles and finally becoming equal and winning in November, this is the best opportunity we’ve ever seen.

Hyperinflation and total collapse seems likely to occur even before the election. Should it be delayed much beyond that, of course the fingers will be pointed at the next president, and we’ll not want that to be ‘us’! Perhaps we’ll be strategically ahead to just make lots of noise meanwhile and be the ‘I told you so party’ after the crash.

The situation seems to beyond solutions. But if we can find the solutions to present during this campaign, can we get enough voters to pull their heads out of the sand?

We wouldn’t want to become the 3rd evil not to vote for!

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