No Government, No Force

About USA Collapse is about the USA collapse, headed for the worst imaginable scenario, which will quickly extend to devastate all mankind and it’s governments.

The cause is irrational morality, forcing the sacrifice of freedom for the ‘greater good’. We have ceded our minds to the mystics and our freedom to Big Brother. Following generations of insidious mysticism, the reasons for this collapse are largely lost amongst the ‘masses’, yet so obvious to the few. Irrationality reigns, and only our refusal to accept this immorality can regain freedom and restore the dignity of mankind.

The effects are myriad, with hyperinflation being primary. Perhaps one-half of Earth’s population will die from starvation and plague. Other secondary effects will be looting, rioting,  economic chaos, force via dictatorships &  martial law.  Revolution cannot succeed except by replacing one set of dictators with another.  It will take generations or even centuries for mankind to regain rationality, assume responsibility for their own lives, and establish a free society based on objective principles.

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