No Government, No Force

United We Stand, Divided ……

We as a nation are facing MAJOR problems and if we don’t decide to work together, then we shall all suffer together.  Let’s all take off our political party philosophy blinders, please, and let’s look at things rationally, then let’s act rationally.  What a concept!!

If we bow to other nations, will it make us respected by the world that currently thinks we are too full of ourselves?  How will it benefit us in any way?
If we remove all our protective armament and bring all our military home, will we be safer?
If we manage to remove all links with God from our government, will we be a healthier nation?
If we continue teaching young children about homosexuality, how to prevent pregnancy, how to protect against VD, will they be healthier and happier adults?
If we have some of our citizens pay for the health care of those who pay nothing for theirs, will that make us a more “caring” nation, and more than that, will it make us a more cohesive collection of individuals?
If our elected ‘leaders’ do not represent us while using our money, do we accept that without some severe yelling?
If our schools and universities persist in teaching a philosophy with which at least half the nation is unhappy, will that bring us together as a nation?
If we don’t protect our borders from unchecked migration, what will be the outcome within the next 20 years?
If radical Islam rears its head within our midst, what are we going to do about it?  How will it affect the future for our kids and grandchildren?
If many parents continue to disregard their responsibility to properly raise their children, will this be healthy?  If it isn’t helpful, what do we do about it?

I know what I believe about all of the above and it has nothing to do with which political party is in power – the parties DO NOT think for me.  Do you know what you think about the above.  Does your party think for you, or will you put party aside and let’s just work together to get things headed in the right direction.  Can we do that?  Are we strong enough to do that?  Do we have the intelligence to do that?  Or should we just watch our wonderful nation crumble as we squabble like silly geese about mostly unimportant things?

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