No Government, No Force

Personal Declaration of Independence

This webpage is under construction and will have both additions and corrections post haste.

WHEREAS; I or We, the undersigned, being of legal age and of sound mind, and having never signed nor entered into any Agreement to be part of for subject to the rule of any governmental entity, nor have We accepted or consented that any other person or entity may Force or Dictate anything upon or to any of Us,

And WHEREAS, the Governments of this planet Earth, and all of them at all levels, have violated Our Natural Rights to Life, Liberty, and pursuit of Happiness, and are taking by Force, of taxation and otherwise, the properties each and all of us have acquired by our own efforts for the continuation and the enhancement of Our Lives, and have and are now enlarging their Tyranny and Force upon the Peoples to steal our property to redistribution to others who are no more worthy than ourselves for whatever stated and false “good of society”, which is never and cannot be for the good of the Whole Society, which exists only as Individuals.

AND WE DO HEREBY DECLARE our Independence from all Governments and all Rulers at any level, whether Local, County, State, Nation or World or otherwise. We insist that our Lives and Liberty do and shall belong to ourselves and to no other.

AND DO HEREBY ESTABLISH and further DECLARE our current and any future residence, and any and all other property, both Real and Personal, now owned or future acquired, to be henceforth and forever our Personal Independent Estate.

Our personal Independent Estate is located at present address ____________________, ________, __ _____

Being hereby named the Estate of ___________________________________________________
Nothing herein shall be construed as abandonment or waiver of any existing rights to either Liberty or Property which properly belong to Us but which may be held or claimed by any government, nor revocation of any license, permit, passport or other right.

This specifically includes but is not limited to retirement or disability accounts, insurance, or equity in any assets which such government may have acquired by the Force of taxation or seizure.

We reserve all rights to make demand upon any such government for the full return of all balances of monies taken from us or reserved for us, for any purported purpose, specifically including but not limited to Social Security, Retired Employees Accounts, Veterans Pensions, Disability Entitlements, Health-Care

To whatever extent it may be appropriate, this is also our secession from all government(s) of which one may be considered in any way to be a citizen. These include all the following, together with their sub-governments, departments, bureaus, and otherwise:

The United Nations, The United States of America, The State of __________, the County of __________, the City/Town of _____________.

Except as otherwise stated herein, we acknowledge and assume henceforth our full and total rights and responsibility for our own survival, life, liberty, property and happiness, while denying to all others any right or privilege to remove or detract from any of those same.
Nothing herein shall be construed as restraining Us from our voluntary subscription to any service provided by any government, which shall be only by written agreement, and which agreement shall include and preserve our right to withdraw from such agreement without Cause, and with reasonable written Notice.
To be continued…. suggestions welcome!
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This is still a “draft”, so just because this here doesn’t mean it’s ready!? Fine-tuning will continue as time and need permits.


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