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Immigration in a Voluntary System?

The immigration issue under this Government is plain awful.? I see no solution in sight.? Thus it will remain during collapse, an extended period during which most if not all governments will disappear at last.

The bad news may be that the floodgates will be wide open, because there will be nobody paid to patrol the borders, nor even anyone to man the legal ports of entry.

The good news is that there will be few with the wherewithal to move from wherever they might have been when the collapse hit, and the motivating enticements of welfare, SSI, free healthcare, etc., to relocate to the USA will no longer exist, because there will be no government with any ability to provide them.

So the question before us will arise, how do we handle immigration in a Voluntary System?

I’m raise this question without an answer, because I have yet to find the time to think this through.? But for those who might have some solution using government, don’t bother.? That is not where NoRuler is headed, because there will not BE a government!? History has brought us more than enough reasons why there should never be another government!? There will be only human beings learning how to survive and prosper without a government.

The door is wide open for your solutions.? Members sitting on the sidelines, how about jumping in here?






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  1. Many years ago I somehow came to own Plato’s “Republic”. It must have been required as some College course, don’t remember. What I do remember was a sense of utter uselessness, and falling asleep the couple of times I set out to read the thing.

    My article was pointed at how immigration might be handled by a Voluntary System. Today we are seeing it NOT handled by Government in any coherent way whatsoever. Should that not suffice to examine better ways?

    Of course the subject is much broader that merely “illegals”. It opens the doorway to the larger question of Nations and their borders, and of cultures and the immense difficulties with language barriers, and finally of the freedom of humans to live how and where they choose. This is hardly the time to being discussion of all such matters, yet we must certainly spell out the voluntary means of handling immigration.

    I suggest it can probably be written into the new Constitution as part of our means of handling self-defense of any “Union”.

  2. This could be a territorial grab. He who is best provisioned will prevail. Now we must consider the composition of the prevailer. Is he benevolent or brutal? If benevolent will he enslave to protect his territory and sieze more? If brutal he will do the same without human compassion? Land is and will always be the driving force. Rich land will be fought over. Brutality will lead to unrest and retaliation. Thus begins the struggle for supremecy. We cannot avoid government.

    This brings to mind the utopian Plato’s Republic. He had the Philosopher King and the designated jobs for the minions. I personally opted to be the Philisopher King because I was not impressed with the other job offerings. Granted there will be those who will aim to please, but those who are in objection will likely go to war. Perhaps the weapons on hand will determine the leader. There will always be a leader of some sort as this is the human herd instinct. Next comes the division of power. It has to occur as the original territory expands. Then there will have to be rules and laws established to maintain order thus another primitive government evolves.

    The society will necessarily be agrarian. Food is the most important commodity. This will lead to bartering which will eventually lead to currency. As all this unfolds a complicated society develops which then leads to and organized government.

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