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Drugs — Freedom or Not

I was “thumbing through” Morality101 and espied the War on Drugs Clock.  It’s an interesting page and paints a heck of a picture.

This is a free country (at least for now), so we have the freedom to change our minds on occasion, right?  I spent years and years believing mind altering drugs should be banned with penalties.  That was done – and in addition to VERY costly, it was very WASTEFUL – wasteful of policemen’s time, courts’ time, everyone’s money, and it would appear it has done no good whatsoever.

So my question is:  why are we still fighting it?  Has fighting it become addictive?  Have we decided that if we fight it long enough it will eventually pay off?  There has to be some good reason we throw money at something when we get nothing in return.  This boggles the mind.

I am not a drug user – have never even been in the presence of marijuana, cannot recognize the leaf or the odor.  I attend church regularly, not that anyone here cares, but I am merely providing truth in advertising so to speak.

I believe it is time to stop this “war” and let our law enforcement people get back to fighting crime rather than chase dealers and coke heads day in and day out.  I have come to the conclusion we should stop trying to legislate in any way people’s behavior with only one or two caveats.

I would legalize all heretofore illegal drugs for purchase at pharmacies without RX by adults who must sign as well as pay for the substance.  That person must not be allowed to escape responsibility and penalty if anyone is harmed by him or his actions while he is under the influence of said drug.  I would include alcohol in this law.  Under no circumstances should insurance companies be mandated to pay for these substances when not ordered for a medical reason.

If we legalized illegal substances, our streets and neighborhoods would be safer – there would be no drug lords, no crazed addicts running amok, no crack houses, not as many murders that involve drugs, and the police could do police work rather than baby sit addicts.  Our overcrowded jails would be emptier, our courtrooms would be emptier.  It is even possible our hospitals would be emptier.

It is way passed time to quit mollycoddling addicts and other self made victims.  I believe if they want to drink themselves or drug themselves to death, that should be their privilege.  Trying to save them from that has been a huge disaster and far too costly.  The taxpayer doesn’t deserve to be saddled with society’s self made cripples any longer.

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