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Hello and welcome.I’m Dean Striker (my pen-name) of Galt’s Gulch, USA…I’m the owner, author and dictator of this website No-Ruler and the related website Morality101.


This website is all about the period of anarchy ahead when the ongoing economic collapse completes the destruction of America. Opportunity lies ahead for any survivors to deny any GOVERNment at all, or one which is totally voluntary, in other words without the use of Force. It may be safest to simply not bother, and stick with Anarchy (no government, no ruler, independence, self-reliance and the free market).

Morality101 outlines the philosophical platform upon which everything should stand, and which clears the path for objective thinking about everything in one’s life.

This page will be updated soon, for now it’s merely written as a place-holder to get our blogger running, which make take a few days. Meanwhile please see our Homepage where you’ll find all our articles, and which should soon have commenting available.

We intend that No-Ruler become a most active website, with additional authors, and comments without rants or abuse. We believe in the true Morality of Liberty as our foundation, which denies Force. Collectivists are not welcome here, that’s the Force which oppresses all humanity. If you don’t understand that, perhaps you will grasp it by studying our webpages.

If you reject that, you are our enemy, just go away.

Have a great day for Liberty.


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  1. I just installed (at last) a comment rating plugin for the website. “This is a test”, but it’s kinda tough without comments, LOL.

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